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     The hiring process:

Aspects to consider:

Some laws to consider:

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We all know it is a big step to hire that first employee. You probably have a million questions and worries. Can I afford an employee? Do I have enough work to keep him/her busy? What do I need to pay? Do I need to give benefits?  What laws do apply?  How much will my taxes be?  Etc., etc.

To make the whole process a little easier, it might be a good idea to break Human Resources into three main chunks if you like. Each of these “chunks” can be broken down into smaller pieces. Following this method, Human Resources might become a little bit more transparent for you.

As you can imagine things can get a little complicated. There are so many aspects to consider, but don’t worry, we can help you. We just take it one step at the time to help you with where you want and need to be. We have Certified Human Resource Managers available to you and we teamed up with a very reputable and skilled employment attorney. We also have accountants who can help you with your payroll, benefits, and taxes. In addition, we have loads of experience writing it all down for you in one comprehensive employee handbook that is easy to understand and covers all the bases.

Contact us and you will see that your worries are not that bad as you might think!

Human Resources

Human Resources is all about team spirit.