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As you know, there are many aspects in running a business such as selling, buying, logistics and so on. We at the Aurora Business Assistance Institute honestly belief that business plans are the cornerstone of your success. In our experience, the most efficient and cost effective way to approach your ideas would be to start with a solid business plan as a basis. Your plan would be the blueprint, if you like, for your current and future activities. 

The SBA says:

"The importance of a comprehensive and thoughtful business plan cannot be overemphasized"

A typical business plan we create for you is based on five years. Your plan will contain extensive data pertaining to operations, the financial forecasting, statistics, market segmentation, service business analysis and competition analysis.  The business plans we custom create are very thorough. We use very reliable sources such as specialized organizations, trade associations and a variety of government and private sources. We compile statistics and information about the Total Available Market (TAM) and the Served Available Market (SAM), what the competition is up to, pricing policies, and everything else which is necessary in order to create an objective and critical plan. We will ask and answer many questions about market segmentation, target market, buying patterns, geography, distribution strength, customer loyalty, cultural and economic trends, supplier dependency and much more. In addition, we also plan of course for operations, personal, assets needed, salaries, and expenses. The report contains a sufficient number of charts and graphs to give you and your potential funding provider a clear and easy to read document.

1.             Executive Summary
2.             Company
3.             Services
4.             Market Analysis
5.             Marketing
6.             Competitive Analysis
7.             Strategy and Implementation
8.             Management
9.             Personnel
10.           Sales Forecasting
11.           Milestones
12.           Financial plan.
                    a.  Narrative
                    b.  Break Even Analysis
                    c.  Past Performance Analysis  (If applicable)
                    d.  Five Year Forecast (Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, and  P&L) 

 *SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. 

All in all, the plan we can create for you will usually (this will be customized to your needs) consist of the following sections: 

Performance, financial forecasting and statements are based on the financial statement studies as published by the Risk Management Association. (Formerly known as "The Robert Morris Association".) These studies are the standard guidelines for every commercial loan officer.  Banks, other financial institutions, VC's, and Angels appreciate our plans because we write to the point, and we use graphs, charts and flowcharts to make your potential lenders' decision process much easier. Which makes your business plan easy to read and understand.

Only 12% of all martial arts schools for example have or used a business plan. At the same token 67 % of all surveyed schools admits not to managing their money intelligently. Result: Martial arts schools come and go. Survival of the fittest so to speak.

Business Plans

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