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Accounting is one of the main services we provide because we consider accounting a crucial aspect in the growth and success of your business.  In order to be profitable, and therefore sustainable, you need to have access to accurate financial information at all times. Without good accounting practices, you might not be able to spot potential problems, such as lack of cash, before it is too late. Good accounting practices can save you time and money, and can increase your business.

Why not do it yourself, you ask? Outsourcing has a lot of advantages and opens opportunities to otherwise might miss out on. Outsourcing is the transfer of a business process or activity to a specialized vendor while you remain in complete control of crucial financial decisions such as payments and transfers. The Aurora Business Consultants (ABC)  is such a vendor.

Outsourcing your accounting services to us will lower your overhead. You do not have to hire additional staff with a salary, taxes, and benefits. You also do not need to provide office space and furniture. Your cost will be reduced because we have the software, we make sure that all software is updated to the latest versions available and we have the computer equipment to run the software on. You can also be sure of accurate and objective financial information. We tell you the situation as it is. If it is good, we tell you. If it could be improved, we tell you also. You get 25 plus years of instant experience. No training of employees.  No continuing education of the latest laws and practices. We do that for you.

In a nutshell, outsourcing your accounting to us means no worries for you and makes more time and resources available to you to do what you do best.

Sabanes Oxley Act (sox)

We are also well experienced with the Sabanes Oxley Act requirements. Contrary to popular believe SOX is not just for  publicly traded companies, but also for not for profit organizations as part of Federal or State funding programs (Grants) or from private pass through foundations.

The SOX framework is an excellent risk management methodology to prevent fraud and theft. Because of the excellent risk management that sox provides, more and more small and medium size private corporation show the desire to comply with the Sabanes Oxley Act. SOX will give you peace of mind and makes you sleep better at night.

We can help you to setup a new business or cleanup and existing company that has not had professional help. We can setup the reporting and systems needed to understand your business better.

Your assigned  accountant an help with Sales Tax, Payroll. Setup and create a budget and projections so that you can forecast and plan properly,  Integrate your existing systems or help with the streamlining of your bookkeeping systems with the correct checks and balances for SAP (Standard Accounting Practices).

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