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Aurora Business Consultants

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Aurora was the Greek goddess of dawn. It also means "Point of Light" or "Light at the end of the tunnel". The Romans called her EOS. We chose this name because you could be at the dawn of a new day for your business.

Please allow us to introduce Aurora Business Consultants. We are a  company that focuses on the Sustainability of Small Businesses.  From day one, we are all about assisting in securing the sustainability of small businesses in an increasingly competitive global market.

Whether you are just thinking about a new business, you are already in business and are looking to expand, like to rethink your original strategies, or you are looking for funding, you came to the right address. We can help you in building a solid foundation for a globally competitive business and help you in maintaining that foundation.

We do this by providing the following essential services:


Business Plans



Policies & Procedures

Human Resources


You might wonder why we offer such diversity in our services and why we not specialize in one thing only, like so many other organizations. The reason is simple; we believe that we would not be able to help you to the fullest without the diversity in the necessities. How would it be possible for instance to assist you in creating sensible projected financial statements for a business plan with no or very little knowledge of accounting?

Feel free to explore the site and do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information.

Small Business!